Friday, May 23, 2014

We Create Change Tour - Free the Children

Today we went to an assembly called We Create Change Tour - Free the Children. This tour is traveling across Canada to talk to Canadian Youth about how they can make a change. A musical group called Neverest performed some songs for us. They taught us their new song called Starlight which will be on the radio soon! Spencer West is a motivational speaker and author who is also on the tour. He told us about some of the amazing things in his life like walking from Edmonton to Calgary. He also climbed a mountain in Africa called Mount Kilimanjaro, this biggest mountain in Africa. He also told us about the story of how his had a disease when he was a baby and how the doctors removed his legs. He now gets around by wheelchair or by walking on his hands! How unbelieveable! Our friend Avery Skog started a huge fundraiser called Brick by Brick which raised more than $12000 to build a school in Kenya. Avery is awesome and we all supported him. Way to go Morris School!
Grade 3-4

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