Friday, May 30, 2014



This week at school we had our last game of soccer basketball. For the people in our class on our team is… me, Ethan, Jamie, Martine and Richclyde. We won the score was 6 to 1. I scored a basketball goal which is worth 5 points and Dakota got the soccer goal. Oh wait… you probably don’t know what it is well first a person has to do rock, paper, scissors  then whoever wins gets the ball. And we start off with basketball the person with the ball can only take 3 steps then they have to pass the ball to someone but if the person doesn’t catch the ball and it hits the floor it turns into soccer! And you can have a goalie for soccer only if you want. And to turn it back to basketball someone has to score or shoot the ball and miss the net and hit the back wall. Or if someone kicks the ball and you catch it turns back into basketball. So you probably get the idea so yeah.

From: Andrew

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