Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Igloo is complete!

Estimate how many milk jugs it took to build the igloo! Email your guess to Mrs. Edel.
Hint: The first 6 layers all have 46 milk jugs. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Festival Du Voyageur

                       Festival du Voyageur                                                            by Garland

We went on a field trip called the Festival du Voyageur! We saw a lot of sculptures. One was a hand holding an origami dove. It was my favorite. We went to the playground and I did the bobsled of luge. It was really fun and I rode it 2 times. We rode the horecart. The horse cart was fun to ride but the horse pooped. We saw the huge fort. They traded furs. And the horses names were Razzle and Dazzle. My favourite activity was the bobsled or luge. I would recommend going there.

Festival du Voyageur by Amber

    We went to the Festival du Voyageur on a field trip. First we went on a horse ride. The 2 horses' names are Joe and Ace.
    Second we went to go see the sculptures. There was a pumpkin and a face and a gas station. 
    Third we went to an imagination playground. We got to build things. Me, Makyla, Abby and Olive made a house.
    Last we went to Fort Gibraltar. We went in the blacksmith cabin. I would go again but not on a bus.

By Makyla
We took a bus to the Festival du Voyageur. First we went on a horse carriage ride to a game that was in the back. We got split into groups with Mrs. Johnston’s class where you had to get more packages then the other team it was so fun.
Second we looked at the ice sculptures. I liked the hand that was holding the origami dove. The other ones were: 4 pumpkins, a gas station, a really cool face and cubes stacked together. We played a few games it was so fun.
Then we ate lunch in huge tent with bunch of other class. And it was so so hot in there. I sat with my mom, Kiera, Abby and Taylor B.
Last we went to Fort Gibraltar. We were outside and gun shots meant that it was time to switch groups. We all screamed. I liked the furs at the trading post.
I love it. I would definitely go again. I loved it.

Festival du voyageur
1.    How we got there:
On February 22 we went on a field trip. The bus ride was so long. I sat with Abby on the way there. It was so fun on the bus but maybe not so much for Santana.

2.    First things we did:
When we got there we played in the playground and dropped our bags of and went on the horse ride. It was so fun. I sat with Santana on the horse ride. Once we got off the horse ride

3.    What we ate:
Then we had lunch. For lunch I had Dunkaroos and other foods. Then we went to see cool houses. My favorite was the black smith house thing.

4.    Last things we did:
Between each house thing there were gun shots. We also saw a lady holding a fox on a leash. While me and Santana where in line a boy came up to us and asked us what our names were. His name was Matthew he was really nice. We saw lots of ice sculptures. Then we went on the bus and I slept with Santana the whole way to Morris.

I really want to go back and make a bracelet and get my face painted.
By Taylor J