Friday, December 4, 2015

T.W.A.S this week at school

These week at school we went to the Morris museum. We saw a dead snowy owl it was very cool. We got to see old cards from 1910-1930s. We saw old school stuff  like desks and pencils and books. We saw cooking stuff like bowls, plates, forks and knives. It was pretty cool. I love the Morris museum.

We had a PBIS assembly today. I won a prize a free ice cream treat and Ethan got a free ice cream too. We talked about our WITS at the assembly. The W stands for walk away, I is for ignore, T is for talk it out and S is for seeking help. We had our assembly in the gym. We got to watch 2 little videos at the assembly. The prizes were free ice cream and lunch kits. Mr. Clace drew the tickets. We did art it was fun.

Our Christmas concert painting is poinsettias. We painted the poinsettia first and then we did the frames. We put pasta on the frames and then we painted it gold.

We are doing a social studies project about the regions. I am doing the Western Cordillera. Do you know that cordillera is a Spanish word that means a chain of mountains? The climate is cool in the summer it is very cool in the winter. There are a lot of mountains there.        


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