Friday, May 15, 2015


This week at school

Did you know that yesterday we wrote our agenda in hand writing? Did you know that we built Leonardo da Vinci Bridge by just using paint sticks and best of all we didn’t even use glue or tape. Also when I was building the bridge I was working with Chloe and Devron.

Also on Tuesday Ms. Sul came to our classroom and played math games. First we played tic tac to make ten. We did boys V.S girls. The girls were the yogurt team and the boys were the cheese whiz team.

Also we are doing the Hershey track and field and we are going to Carman for that. I will do the 50m run and also ball throwing. We are going to Carman at May 21.

Also I am finished my bridge writing and I am starting to type. I researched the Banpo Bridge in Seoul South Korea. A fact about my bridge is that it is 1,495m long. We had a wonderful week.

         By: Harshita    

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