Monday, January 19, 2015

Magnetic Boats & Sleds - Using the Design Process

First we made a boat out of foil and Popsicle sticks. We attached paperclips to attract to the magnet. We found out that our boat would not float. We changed our design to look like a raft. We added straws underneath to make it float. Our boat held ten marbles and the magnet pulled it around the bin of water.

Ian & Sam

First we built the bottom out of Popsicle sticks and straws. The first time it didn't hold the marbles because they rolled off. We had to build sides to hold the marbles. We also put a layer of Popsicle sticks on the bottom and built a tower of paperclips to be attracted by the magnet. Our boat worked!
Alex & Tate

First we tried to attach a magnet with plasticine but it was too heavy and it tipped the boat. We tried gluing more Popsicle sticks to make a flatter base. It still did not float but it held ten marbles. We think it doesn't float because it needs a bigger base and it's too heavy.

Richclyde & Tristan

 I built a sled out of cardboard, clay, pompoms and paperclips. I attached a magnet to the front of the sled. When the magnet came close to the paperclips the sled moved up the hill. The person stayed attached to the sled. My second design I tried attaching a magnet to the back of the sled and tried to push the sled up the hill. The sled moved by repelling. I learned that same poles repel and opposite poles attract.
by Mikayla
 Our first design did not work too well because the magnet would stick to the paperclip and pull the magnet up the hill. There was too much weight in the front. For our second design we attached a second magnet to the back of the sled and we used a magnet to push the magnet up the hill. The magnets repelled each other. We tied Frankie to the sled.

by Haylee & Emilie

We made a boat out of Styrofoam. We decorated it and added a magnet strip. We put it into the water and it tipped over. Our second time we added foil, lots of paperclips, and toothpicks to hold it together. It tipped over again. We removed all the extra things and details and it floated and held ten marbles. We held the magnet and the boat floated towards it. We learned that the heavier we made the boat the more it tipped. We shouldn't add any more weight.
by Ginger & Molly

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  1. Great job using the design process. It was interesting to read how you changed your design to make your boat work.
    From Ms Martens