Friday, April 25, 2014

Our igloo

We destroyed the igloo and I was in the igloo I belly flopped on the igloo. Now we have to get recycling bags.

by Logan


The igloo is no longer an igloo because of an incident that happened today. So the grade threes got back from french and the grade fours came back from music then someone said everyone hide from the teacher. So then everyone either went in the igloo or behind the then Richclyde when he crawled in he kind of hit the igloo then Aylie hit the igloo then a little bit of the doorway collapsed then it all started collapsing on Haylee, Richclyde and Liam. and I am pretty sure they could all come out but they wanted to stay in. And me and Ethan were just watching everything fall on top of Haylee, Richclyde and Liam. Then everybody started attacking the igloo so then the igloo turned into a pile of milk jugs. Then Aylie and Haylee had to get recycling bags for us to clean up the milk jugs. So then we had 8 recycling bags filled with milk jugs. By: Andrew

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