Thursday, March 20, 2014

igloo is done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just finished our igloo. It was awesome. We've been collecting milk jugs for 3 monhts. It was very fun. It looks like a hershey kiss. It's very cool. You should build one too. Liam

The igloo started out as a circle with 35 milk jugs for the first layer! The first time we worked on the igloo we got 2 layers done! Eventually I think on the 4th or 5th layer we started turning them inward! We kept turning them inward for all of the layers then eventually we made a roof. Every layer that we turned in got less and less milk jugs. Near the end it was hard reaching so we had to go inside the igloo! But only three of us could stand in the igloo! Because it was turning inward then only two of us then only one! The first layer we did too many but that is okay because it was only the first year we ever built an igloo! The hardest part to me would probably be the doorway that is what took us the longest. I have always wanted to build a milk jug igloo it was really fun building it! -Andrew

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